Radiology is the process of taking xrays and ultrasonography uses sound waves to assess the body. By using these techniques we are able to look inside the body and as such, help with the diagnosis of the problem. Each modality has its own advantages and disadvantages and we will often combine both practices to give us a complete picture of what is going on.

Radiology is especially useful when looking for problems with the bones or assessing lung or heart disease. We also use abdominal radiographs to look for foreign bodies or stones in the bladder.

Ultrasound is used to assess abdominal organs and will often reveal problems not seen on a radiograph. Liver or splenic tumours for instance are readily visible with ultrasound but not radiographs. Some foreign bodies for instance will not show on a radiograph but we can see them with the aid of ultrasound.

Ultrasound can be particularly useful in the emergency patient to look for bleeding into the abdomen.

Xrays and Ultrasound are generally performed under a light sedation. We will usually admit your pet to hospital for the day and discuss our findings in the afternoon.