Top 10 Movies for Pet Lovers

Sometimes non-athletic bonding time with your pet can be hard to come by. We all love to walk, run and play with our feathered and furry friends but what happens when you both need some down-time? These are our top picks for films to watch with your pet:

1. Turner and Hooch

When Scott Turner finds himself on the trail of a homicide case he finds the closest thing to a witness is the deceased’s pet French Mastiff whom he adopts in order to hunt the killer. The chaotic Hooch is almost too much for Turner to handle, hilarity ensues.





2. Dr Dolittle

When veterinarian John Dolittle discovers he has the ability to talk to animals, something he has repressed since childhood, he instantly freaks out. Until he realises that the gift he was granted can help him save more animals than he ever thought possible. As word of his gift spreads he finds himself in a bunch of interesting situations; helping drunken circus monkeys, sick tigers – before landing in hot water in an insane asylum and needing to bust out before it’s too late!




3. Scooby-Doo

Everybody’s favourite oversized dog with an oversized appetite makes his film debut in this comedy starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. After a falling out the gang from Mystery Incorporated reunite to investigate the bizarre happenings on popular horror resort Spooky Island.





4. Fox and the Hound

When a fox and hound dog become friends as pups they never realise what the consequences of growing up will bring. As Copper, a hound dog, grows into a proper hunting dog his friendship with Tod, a fox, fades.





5. Eight Below

In order to find a piece of rare meteorite in Antarctica Jerry Shepard and David McLaren undergo a dangerous route during a late season snow via dogsled. Upon finding what they were looking for there is an emergency call for the two men to return home before whiteout conditions hit. They are rescued by helicopter, but have to leave the dogs to their own devices during the storm before returning to rescue them.




6. Marley and Me

When John and Jenny Grogan adopt rambunctious Labrador Marley they are soon involved in a series of misadventures, including having Marley expelled from a local dog school. Despite the canine’s overzealous behaviour the couple love their dog and it soon becomes the topic of John’s weekly newspaper column.





7. White Fang

The heart-warming story of a wolf-dog who befriends and is eventually adopted by Yukon gold hunter on his journey home.






8. Red Dog

When a truck driver named Thomas arrives in Dampier he quickly learns the legendary story of Red Dog, a dog with no master who roams the outback, uniting the community and searching for his true owner, an American known as John Grant.





9. Beethoven

When a St Bernard dog escapes a pet shop robbery and sneaks into the Newton family home the children of workaholic George Newton immediately wish to adopt him. However the father is not convinced, and even after naming him the dog must prove his worth to the family.





10. 101 Dalmations

In the 1996 version of this Disney classic an American game designer, a British clothing designer and their two Dalmations meet, marry and have puppies before taking on the evil Cruella deVille as she attempts to steal the dogs and turn them into a fur coat.