Meet Taco

Taco is a lovely little chihuahua cross who was rushed in to see us at MyVet Twin Towns after he was attacked by two dogs. On presentation at the clinic he was in shock, having difficulty breathing, and was also in extreme pain. Examinations revealed that he had severe bruising and fractured ribs on both sides of his chest which caused both his lungs to collapse!


Taco was rushed in to emergency surgery where one of the nursing team had to manually ventilate his lungs and breathe for him while the torn muscles in his chest were repaired, the fractured ribs were repaired using sterile suture material for support, and his lungs were re-expanded. He had chest drains placed on both sides so that blood, fluid and any excess air could be drained from his chest and allow for his lungs to continue to expand. Poor little Taco was in a bad way!!


Taco had his own intensive care nurse who monitored him closely for the remainder of the day, and he was also given oxygen therapy, intravenous fluids and pain relief. Little Taco was transferred via an animal ambulance to the after hours emergency clinic for overnight monitoring, who all took great care of him. When he was transferred back to MyVet Twin Towns Taco was like a different dog - he was bright and happy and wagging his tail. While there was still a long road to recovery, he was clearly on the mend. 


Taco went from strength to strength with his recovery and was discharged from hospital in only four days!! His owners did a great job looking after him at home while he was on strict bed rest and medications. He has been back to the clinic numerous times for check ups and team at MyVet have been overjoyed to see him now completely healthy and back to his normal energetic, happy self. 


What a brave little dog!!!