Meet Diego

Diego is a gorgeous Rottweiler who has been coming to us since he was a puppy. He is always happy to come to the clinic and say hello, and we love seeing him too!

Recently Diego's mum brought him in to us because he had intermittent lameness in one of his back legs. Upon examination by our vet it turned out he had a ruptured cruciate ligament. These kinds of injuries are common with athletes and unfortunately will not heal without surgery. Poor Diego.

Diego was booked in for a general anaesthetic, x-rays and orthopaedic surgery to fix the problem with his ruptured cruciate ligament. On the day of surgery Diego's mum brought him into the clinic (he was a bit hungry not being allowed to have breakfast) and he was admitted into hospital. After assessing the x-rays and angle of his knee joint his surgeon decided on the “MMP” or “Modified Maquet Procedure”. This is a new technique that involves inserting a titanium foam wedge into the knee joint, changing the angle of the patella ligament, and creating a force that opposes the instability caused by the ruptured cruciate ligament.

Diego's surgery went really well and he was discharged from hospital the following day. The post-op recovery with this new technique is much easier than other techniques and while Diego needs bed rest for a little while, he was able to walk out of the clinic on all four legs! He has been back to visit us for several post-op checks and continues to do really well – his family are very dedicated and have done a great job looking after him during his recovery.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery Diego, you've been very brave!