Meet Bindi

MyVet Billinudgel has recently upgraded their digital imaging equipment with a brand new digital x-ray and ultrasound machine. The new ultrasound machine is portable which assisted in the diagnosis and treatment of one of our patients, Bindi.

Bindi collapsed and presented to MyVet Twin Towns with a swollen abdomen. An x-ray was taken which indicated that there was a problem in her abdomen but an ultrasound was required to be definitive. The team at MyVet Billinudgel then transported the new ultrasound machine in order to get Bindi’s ultrasound underway.

Bindi’s scan revealed that she had a mass growing in her spleen. Unfortunately cancer was suspected. Soon after, Bindi was rushed into surgery to have her spleen removed and the mass was sent to the pathology.

Bindi made a brave recovery over the next 48 hours. The best part is that the pathology revealed her mass was non-cancerous after all!