Meet Big Tony

Big Tony is one of Nurse Gemma’s fur babies. She brought him in for a check-up as she had noticed that he was a little off - he seemed to be sleeping a lot and did not have his usual appetite. After a health check with Dr Julie, blood was sent away to the laboratory. The results revealed he was suffering from a disease of the liver called cholangeohepatitis. He began a course of antibiotics and medication to help him eat on his own - unfortunately after a few days he still wasn’t responding to treatment, and so another antibiotic was started on top of what he was already getting. 

Unfortunately, Big Tony never began eating on his own, even with these medications and so it was decided that he would have a general anaesthetic and a feeding tube would be passed in to his oesophagus. He has now had the feeding tube in for one week and is receiving his mediation and critical care food via this tube. He is a very lucky boy and has his very own slave/nurse keeping a watchful eye on him. 

Today we are happy to report he is responding to his treatment and is interested in food all on his own. Taking it day by day, but we all have our fingers crossed we can remove the tube in the coming week. All the team at Twin Towns Vets have been hoping for a full recovery and look forward to seeing Big Tony get back to normal - what a star patient!