Introducing Mr Spud - 12 years old and young at heart!

Spud is a Western Highland Terrier Cross and one of our favourites here at the clinic. Spud and his owners introduced themselves to MyVet Twin Towns in July of 2017, as Spud had been unwell for 24 hours. After a full examination, in house blood testing and a urinalysis, we diagnosed Spud with Diabetes Mellitus. 

Since July last year, Spud has had a long journey of constant needles - he has to have insulin given to him in the morning and evening at the same time every day, for the rest of his life. He doesn’t complain; neither does his awesome and dedicated pet parents. He is always happy to walk through the doors and spend the day with his favourite nurses while having glucose curve testing to ensure his insulin is working at the correct dosage. 

Poor Spud is unfortunately blind now due to being a diabetic. Though if you ask Spud, his sight has not stopped him in the slightest from enjoying life. His nickname at the clinic is Spuddy and we love having a visit from Mr Spud…...he is spoilt rotten!!